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Threefold Bold is a crucible of creativity.

A platform founded by three creatives from the Wilds of Wales (Cymru) to bring their production output under one banner,

and forge a different path. 


The way of a superior man is threefold.

Virtuous, he is free from anxieties; 

wise, he is free from perplexities;

BOLD, he is free from fear.

                                                        - Confucius 


In an ever unbalanced world, where scarcity and profit mongering wreak havoc. Threefold Bold stands firm as a true believer of salvation through a democratic creative community. A shelter from mediocrity. One that provides a safe haven for artists and creators seeking a real alternative to the broken lands of legacy. Solving problems requires critical thinking and creative solutions. Resources which are scarcely utilised and often unfostered.


Through our exploration of multimedia applications and high end art production we will blaze a beacon in the dark.

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Our work is built on a solid foundation of ethics. We are community driven and we will seek to ensure all levels of productions are maintained and produced in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner; from cradle to grave. We will always provide transparency and continue to push the boundaries of our capabilities as artists, and as fellow participants in the future forward. We will laud our community and champion all creatives as they strive to produce work of the highest quality. 


Work that bears the Hexleaf will stand for 


Non Compliance




As we migrate further into the digital space of Web 3.0, we succinctly support the Cardano blockchain and ecosystem. We will work to foster its development, which will allow us to leverage its ground breaking POS technology to combat the energy hungry systems of alternative crypto spaces. We are active within the community and believe in its ethos and direction. Threefold Bold welcomes involvement from other Cardano natives, operating an open door policy that ensures a croeso cynnes for all. 

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The current line up of active artists within The Fold Community

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Design & Visual Conspirator

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Digital Fine Art & Tattoo

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Rogue Tactics

Wordsmith & Audio Engineering

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