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Please be aware that this store operates a zero tolerance policy to vapid items and bland object d’art. Keep your wits about you, and peruse our wares at your own risk.

Some objects can lead you on inexplicable adventures. There are also numerous audio guides and trinkets hidden amongst the curios. Happy hunting! 


We have the vendor behind you, scratch your coins and take it for a spin. Its sporadically stocked with treasures from across The Fold. Ensure to only send your ADA from a custodial wallet and never from an exchange. Prices are indicated on the display.


Gate Tales! You will find these transcendental artifacts from the gates peddled here in the annexe. If there is fleeting art for sale it shall feature there. Expect wondrous explorations in visual and audio from the deepest reaches of the quadrants. 


Once you are fully stocked and acquainted with the Bodega, please make your way upstairs to the launchpad. There is transport readied to take you beyond the inky black which envelops our lofty ceilings. Arms and leg.. You know the drill. Go, see what's out there …No don’t worry… where you’re going you won’t need SPFs.



Require a delivery Service? Call a MUP - hand couriered multiverse delivery by the finest diligence you’ve ever met. Exchange your Kappa Poppers at the Cash Desk

Gate Relay issues? Get a G.R.I.P _ they’ll be with you in three shakes of a Vanhooli’s Whistle Wagger. Lag slug extermination their speciality. Retrieval and rescue an added extra. There is no insurance or payment plan. Simply cross their palms with respect and the Kappa Popps are deducted from your account. 



Want those armbands back yet? 

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